Blynd: Food Serendipity

Blynd is a food ordering platform that sparks joy to customers while giving restaurants their fair share.

Here's how it works: Restaurants will serve only one dish at a time. This is their "Blynd Special". This dish is unknown to customers and can change at any time. Restaurants will snap a picture of the dish and the Blynd platform will use AI technology to classify the dish and generate a mystery caption. Customers can scroll through the captions and take the plunge into food serendipity by ordering from their favorite local restaurant or trying out a new spot with an interesting dish.

This concept is borrowed from my favorite breakfast spot in Madison called Short Stack Eatery. Short Stack does the entire experience right. From serving simple, fresh and local breakfast to supporting the local community as well as serving as a guide for other businesses to support and contribute to a food system centered around sustainability.