Why I Want to be On Deck

To prepare for my call with On Deck’s Head of Candidates, I wanted to crystallize my thoughts on paper regarding why I want to join the On Deck Fellowship.

The On Deck Fellowship is a one of a kind community for ambitious people around the world. I am in the process of applying to their On Deck Founder Fellowship (ODF) which provides the resources necessary to validate, build, and scale a tech startup. Put another way, it’s where top talent and ambitious builders go to accelerate their ideas and careers, empowered by a world-class community of their peers.

While I’m applying with ambitions to launch Blynd, my food ordering startup, my reason for applying runs much deeper. For me, On Deck is about developing meaningful relationships with other ambitious people that last long after the fellowship. On Deck cohorts are full of like-minded people with diverse perspectives and backgrounds. These people are continuous learners who are constantly improving themselves while being more than willing to help and collaborate with one another. What’s more, the On Deck community compounds onto itself. The active alumni network and ecosystem of fellowships is full of intellectuals pursuing incredible ventures.

I want to join On Deck and be a part of a modern education institution for the future of work. That future, for me, is working and collaborating on interesting problems I’m curious about with other intelligent people. All the while, providing feedback, offering perspectives, and giving back to the network.