Owners and Enablers Investment Thesis

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1/31/21 Update: +1.78%

The world is becoming increasingly digital. Stratechery's Ben Thompson said COVID forced everyone down the learning curve of the Internet, putting us in a place to both enjoy online efficiencies and capitalize on it too.

The internet creates one giant aggregator for everything. One monolith or hegemon emerges in a space while simultaneously creating an atomized long-tail of millions of individuals. This gets rid of the medium-sized firms.

As we progress through the learning curve of the internet we approach an an inflection point in technology with regards to creation, decentralization and democratization.

I posit that the companies that will outperform in this digital era will be those who own a space or enable the individual.


  • $AMZN

  • $AAPL

  • $GOOGL

  • $FB

  • $MSFT

  • $CRM

  • $TSLA

  • $SPOT

  • $PTON

  • $LULU

  • $SNAP

  • $TGT

  • $SBUX

  • $TWTR

  • $DIS


  • $SHOP

  • $TWLO

  • $SQ

  • $CRWD

  • $PYPL

  • $SFIX

  • $ETSY

  • $OKTA

  • $U

  • $ADBE

  • $ABNB

  • $DOCU

  • $PD

  • $NOW

  • $HUBS

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